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About Us

Welcome To A Family Business  ‘K Perry & Sons’

My earliest knowledge of the company was in the early 1950’s when the company was involved in the local taxi and private hire and parcel deliveries. The fleet in those days consisted of limousine type vehicles, which were used for private hire, weddings, funerals etc and were a mixed bag of makes including an Austin 16 an Armstrong Siddeley and a Citroen. These vehicles were also used for the delivery of grocery orders for local stores and for this work they had their seats folded down and covered. In later years contracts were acquired for the transport of district nurses and midwifes and the fleet was upgraded to suit with the acquisition of more modem vehicles the flagship of the fleet for many years being a Mk 1 Ford Consul (NAX 223).

The grocery orders delivery continued but now had vans to do the job as contracts had been won for the transportation of school dinners between schools and the return of the empty containers afterwards.

Private hire had started by the late 50’s with the transporting of local darts, crib and don, bowls and snooker teams very often using two cars.

The first ‘bus type” vehicle was a Ford Utilicon, which was a shooting brake type vehicle and was used as a van with the seats folded down and to carry eight persons with the seats up. This remained in a beige colour during its time with Perry’s and carried the registration EU.

The first PSV vehicle was a Bedford CA Utilabus (UWO 318) which was bought new and had a higher roof fitted to meet PSV regulations. Its duties were school contracts and private hire a drawback being that it was fitted with a long seat each side of the body instead of the more usual forward facing seats. A driver had to be very careful on corners or raking as passengers could be easily thrown from their seats.

School contracts and private hire continued to flourish and an additional contact was won to transport disabled people from the area to a day centre and return them home. With this success another new vehicle was purchased this being a Trojan 13 seater bus (XWO 39) that was more stable on the road. A 14 seater Commer followed this with a proper coach body by Plaxtons (YOG 164) the high standard of comfort being appreciated by the growing number of customers.

Following the success of the coach the Trojan was sent to Yeates of Loughborough and converted from a bus into a full luxury mini coach.
In 1964 a brand new Bedford J2 with a 20 seat Plaxton body was purchased (BWO 858B) in a green and grey livery. This was the front line private hire coach over the following years.

These mini coaches were the backbone of the business into the 70!s when the first full size coach was purchased this being a Bedford with a 41 seater Duple Bella Vega body which as finished in a smart yellow/cream/maroon livery.
In later years school contracts were acquired which required the expansion of the fleet and a mixed bag of Ford, Bedford and solitary Bristol were run over the years the most popular being the several Bedford Vals that were operated. These vehicles gave a good foundation to the business of today with its modern mini buses and heavyweight coaches including Daf and Leyland etc,.

In 1998 the company was changed into a partnership. Partners consisting of:-

  • Mr. Kenneth Perry
  • Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Perry
  • Mr. Bernard Robert Perry
  • Mr. Richard Robert Perry

In 2001, Mr. Kenneth Perry, the founder of K Perry & Sons and the senior partner, was enrolled in the Guinness Book of World Records the oldest know Public Service License Holder with a current
Public Service Vehicle Driving License in the world then at the age of 82. Mr. Kenneth Perry still has a PSV license to this day at the age of 85.

In 2002 Mr K Perry and Mrs. M Perry, retired from the front line of the business but are still very heavily relied upon in an advisory capacity.

The daily running and supervision of this family business is now in the hands of the eldest son Bernard who is also the acting Traffic Manager.

The maintenance of the fleet is in the hands of Richard, the Grandson, who is also the frontline coach driver for the family business.

All the company drivers and escorts will give you their utmost attention at all times to make sure that you our passengers have a safe and enjoyable journey.

On behalf of our family may I take this opportunity to say that we look forward to being of service to you.

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